Monday, February 24, 2014


I feel so humbled by all the people that came out to support me and my craftiness. I loved being able to meet new people and the other vendors.
The people beside me sold beautiful baby mobiles and diaper clutches. You can find them at
The makeup lady beside me had an interesting story as well. She went to school to be a chemist and quit her day job six months ago to into the make up business full time.
And of course A Couple of Artists make fabulous things too. Their website is!__about-us. 
Bakeology had an amazing booth filled with many flavors of delicious cupcakes. They are my favorite!
Ashely and Justin from Unglued Market organized the show and are awesome and if you are in Fargo, you should check out their brick and mortar shop on Broadway.
And, finally, you can find my shop online at

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