Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fabric Fractions : Art Project

Art can be made from all kinds of materials. One of my favorite non-traditional art materials is fabric. I think many people think of fibers as craft materials, but in my mind they are very much an art material.
For this project, participants had the opportunity to view a beautiful Native American Star Quilt on display at the Plains Art Museum in Fargo, North Dakota. They were encouraged to look at the small shapes that make up the larger shape of the star. They then headed to the studio where they were given 9x12 canvas tote bags and 2.5 inch squares of fabric to make their own work of art.

Painting with Dots at the Plains Art Museum: Fargo, North Dakota

I have mastered the kit. Each Kid Quest we have between 150-200 people who participate. That is a lot of painting to facilitate. My secret is pre-packing a kit of the supplies to be used for the Kid Quest. This was an easy activity with minimal supplies including a 8x10 canvas board, cotton swabs and a paper towel all squished into a large baggie. We also prepped painting palettes for participants in advanced so that everyone would get a paper plate with acrylic paint in all colors. I like being able to give participants quality art materials that real artists would use to create art. I think it makes a difference in how the art is valued after completion.